We're just building a powerful story.

By fusing creativity, data intelligence and marketing technology to give our brand partners measurable,
results-driven customer experiences.

Data Driven

Have been and always will be.
Big Data helps us analyse the behavioural pattern and hence the target audience

At Provoz, we help businesses connect & interact with their customers with relevance that is backed by data. Every customer is unique, why reach out to them in the same way? A million unique customers mean a million unique campaigns to us.

We work, play & hustle.

We are young and restless, constantly experimenting yet working to give delightful digital experiences globally.


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Pranav Yerabati

CEO, Co-Founder

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Toshit Som

COO, Co-Founder

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Swayamjeet Kar

Head of Sales

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Subham Sengupta

Head of Technology

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Debjeeta Bhadra

Sr. Graphic Designer

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Anmol Nayak

Content Lead

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Pratiksha Nayak

Content and Social Media Manager

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