Upturn Digital Suite

Upturn digital suite enables you to turn your web-platforms into a marketing powerhouse. Our digital marketing tools allow us to integrate disparate sources of data, predict customer behavior, optimize targeted marketing campaigns for you. Our proprietary methodology is developed to optimize marketing campaigns through iterative test and learn for the best marketing ROI - right content, right customer, right time.

We're creative, intelligent and most importantly, customer-driven.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Search Engine Marketing


Object Relational Mapping


Lead Conversion from an E-Commerce website

E-com Marketing

Social Media Conversions and marketing

Media Buying


Brand Awareness strategies and Engagement campaigns

Brand Strategy

Brand Awareness Campaigns and Identity Strategies

Brand Identity

Brand Commuication campaigns and strategies

Marketing Communication

Image Print optimisation

Print & BTL

Web Development

Web Development and Website solutions

Impactful Websites

User Experience and feedback

UI/UX Design

Customer Interaction through target audience

Interaction Design

Marketing Funnel is to understand a customer's journey experience and too obtain the customer behaviour pattern

Funnel Building

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